Vegetable Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Cultivating Your Own Vegetable Garden , Hörbuch, Digital, ungekürzt, 202min



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Master the art and practice of growing your own fresh, organic vegetables right in the comfort of your home with the definitive guide to cultivating your own vegetable gardenHave you always wanted to get started with gardening, but have no idea how to begin? Do you want to learn how to grow your own vegetables in your own backyard and reduce your dependence on store-bought, pesticide-laden produce?If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this book is for you.In this book, Luke Smith skips the fluff and hands you the essential resource guide of expert gardening tips, techniques, and strategies to help you cultivate and maintain a vibrant vegetable patch filled with your favorite plants without fuss or headaches.Here’s a small excerpt of what you’re going to learn in Vegetable Gardening:Eight beneficial and healthy reasons to start your own vegetable garden todayA crash guide to planning your vegetable garden in a way that ensures a bountiful harvestSeven extremely important factors to consider before picking a spot to plant your garden. Without considering these, your plants may struggle!Proven steps to cultivate your favorite vegetables and the best plant to grow if you’re a complete beginner to gardeningSurefire tips to ensure that your vegetables are healthy, colorfully vibrant, and perfect for consumptionEverything you need to know about planting vegetables, from sowing seeds indoors to transplanting outsideHow to pick the right fertilizer for your plants unique growing needs and important fertilizer tips you need to know about before applying fertilizer to your gardenAnd lots, lots more!Filled with tons of actionable information, Vegetable Gardening is perfectly suitable for people who are completely new to gardening and are looking for a beginner-friendly way to grow their own plants. ungekürzt. Language: English. Narrator: Peter Prova. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.


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